Our Core Values

    Awaken, inspire and cultivate a love for music in our students

  • Introduce and explore all aspects of music and music-making from improvisation, to songwriting, from theory to music reading

  • Introduce students to a variety of styles of music and allow them to choose which one(s) they would like to develop

    Ensure students are proficient in the core areas of scales,              repertoire performance, music theory, and aural skills

  • Use method books appropriate to the student’s level and learning style

  • Chart students’ weekly progress in their personal notebook

  • Guide students in the development of effective practice strategies

    Create an environment where students are excited to come to        lessons and motivated to practice.

  • Form warm relationships with students based on mutual respect and trust

  • Reinforce the idea that making mistakes isn’t just okay; it happens to everyone!

We are thrilled with Raya's progress. The piano recitals are sweet and the perfect chance to show case the learning with not too much pressure. Talia has helped our daughter thrive and really enjoy music. She helps her strive for excellence whilst having fun. We would wholeheartedly recommend Talia, she is a music teacher and a life enhancer.

-Ruth, Mum to Raya

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