Category 1 

Book 1 Students

The Growing Plants Song - Melek

Spring has sprung and the plants are ready to grow. Pitter patter rain. The plants welcome the rain. Sunshine. The plants absorb the warmth of the sun. The plants grow tall towards the sky. Petals open to show off their beauty and colour. Bees are buzzing around the flowers, collecting pollen. Butterflies lightly fluttering, enjoy the growing plants.

Now I Know Right Now - Yin

This song began as an improvisation on the black keys and turned into a song as the words "now I know right now" formed in Yin's mind. 

Category 2

Book 2 to book 3 students

Unheavy Metal - Yoshi

This song was inspired by a frog that was standing on the ice. Then the sun came out and melted the ice. The frog was happy but it was cold now and he got frozen again.

Lego - Eryk

The Forest at Midday - Lana

This song is about a forest at midday. The frog is hopping up and down to find food, and the ant is climbing hills of sand to also find food. The whole song is about the way animals busily move about in spring time."

There's a World Shining - Min

During the creation of Min's song, the music came first and came out of fooling about with broken chords with his teacher Fiona. The music suggested old black and white movies and the words came out of the imagination from there. 

Doritos: Livia

Doritos - Livia

Category 3

Book 4 to Grade 5 students

The Creepy Song - Ray

Ray was inspired by one the Beethoven’s most famous song called the 5th Symphony. In the beginning it has a little bit of a creepy feeling because is in a minor key.

I Am Home - Kimberley

The Morning Breeze - Valerie

Rubix Rhythm - Kiyaah

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