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About The Cycling Music Teachers

We are lean, green, music-making machines who care deeply about health, wellbeing, the environment and creative music-making. Our teachers travel to your home by bicycle or on foot to deliver fun-filled lessons that will foster a love for music in you or your children.

Join Our Music School Community

Twice-Yearly Recitals

Performance opportunities in local venues.

Studio-Wide Challenges

To keep students engaged and motivated. Click below to check out our songwriting contest participants!

Casual Learning Track

Lessons focused on guiding students towards learning to play their favourite music.

Exam-Oriented Track

For intermediate to advanced students who wish to study for ABRSM exams.


Online Lessons

Our school offers you the option of in-home or online lessons. Click below for your first lesson free.


"I've observed in-person lessons before, and I would say that virtual lessons are no different than a face-to-face session - both educational and enjoyable"


-Natasha, Mum to Maia

"The lesson felt very natural and nothing was omitted from the regular one-to-one. My daughter learnt well and was able to communicate and achieve at every step, as if our teacher was in the room."

-Fiona, mum to Melek

"Our kids stayed focused and engaged throughout their first online lesson. I am very happy that with the help of technology and our teacher's enthusiasm, they can carry on with thei music classes as usual in these very unusual circumstances."


-Ewa, Mum to Eryk and Laura

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